The June Update

Drood Owner posted Jun 9, 18

Below you can find information about what to expect in the upcoming June Update! 

Mob Arena
The Mob Arena is making a return to Ferox due to popular demand. There are 4 classes to choose from, Knight the damage class, Tank the class with lots of health, Archer the class with a bow and Chemist the class with potions. There are currently 4 bosses, wave 5 and 15 being mini bosses and wave 10 and 20 being more complex harder bosses. Starting from round 3 you will earn **$1k per wave** and starting from wave 10 waves you will earn something known as a *"Random Key Fragment Box"* every 10 waves.

Boss Fights
The loot from bosses has been changed, bosses now drop **"Random Key Fragment Box"** as well as reward the 10k that they previously gave.

There is now a new way to create automated farms on Ferox! Introducing the Levelled Farm, this is a new way of handling your farms allowing you to grow crops automatically without water. The levelled farm will automatically replant and collect the produce of the farm and place it in the rod located in the centre of the farm. To create a levelled farm, you will need to a range of specific items which are potatoes, carrots, seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, beetroot seeds, 2 nether stars and an end rod. Throw these into a crafting table in any order and you will have yourself a levelled farm! They can also be obtained from completing quests.

The plugin which handles the spawners has been updated, you will notice some user interface changes when right clicking on a spawner. Such as a boost option when right clicking on the mob head in the middle of the UI and a help button in the top right. The boost option allows you to increase your spawner efficiency by spawning more mobs for a period of time using diamonds.

Quest Rewards
Quests will now give better rewards compared to previously, the rewards can be seen listed below for each scroll.


  • Levelled Farm x1
  • Survival Key x5
  • The Watcher Boss x1
  • The Nexus Boss x1
  • Apex Key x1
  • $5,000 in-game money


  • Levelled Farm x2
  • Survival Key x10
  • The Watcher Boss x2
  • The Nexus Boss x2
  • Apex Key x2
  • $15,000 in-game money


  • Levelled Farm x3
  • Survival Key x15
  • The Watcher Boss x3
  • The Nexus Boss x3
  • Apex Key x3
  • $25,000 in-game money

Auto Restart
The server now has a dedicated Auto Restart plugin which will alert players when the server is going to restart, you are able to type /restart time in chat to check when the server is going to restart. The server will also alert you 24 hours, 12 hours, 6 hours, 1 hour, 30 mins, 15mins, 10mins, 5 mins and 1 min before the restart.

Random Key Fragment Box
Each box will contain 1 random key fragment. Having two fragments of the same key type will allow you to craft the specified key. An example of this would be the user getting two ancient key fragments and putting them together in a crafting grid to create an Ancient Key. This allows you to get old keys that were previously no longer obtainable.

Minor Changes

  • Changed Caps limit from 3 to 5.
  • Changed the blooming rod from the Apex crate to the Apex Rod.
  • More rewards to certain ranks on /ranks


Due to popular demand the Apex Crate will be removed from the store on the 15th of June and old crates will start to be recirculated thus meaning that the Vortex Crate will be available to buy on the store and earn on the server!

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